• Legal and tax consultancy in property and land purchase and sale.
  • Legal and tax consultancy in real estate companies purchase and sale.
  • Preparation of purchase, lease, earnest money, exchange, purchase option, surface rights, easement and incorporation agreements and remaining property rights.
  • Consolidations and severances.
  • Legal Due Diligence of real estate projects.
  • Construction and works execution contracts, architecture contracts, project management agreements and hotel management agreements.
  • Management of real estate assets.




  • Legal assistance in all types of civil cases before Courts and Tribunals.
  • Contractual advice.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability.
  • Rental of real and personal property.
  • Evictions and monetary claims.
  • Family law, inheritance, partition of succession, separation and divorce, dissolution of joint ownership marriages.
  • Family protocols.
  • Claims for debts and unpaid sums.




  • Legal assistance for all types of commercial proceedings before Courts and Tribunals.
  • Advice in contractual matters.
  • Incorporation of companies and other legal entities.
  • Creation of branch offices in Spain.
  • Special company operations (mergers, splits, adding branches of business, etc.) as well as liquidation and dissolution of companies.
  • Advice in operations involving company acquisitions.
  • Audit to purchase operations.
  • Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Advice and assistance in insolvency proceedings.
  • Shareholders’ agreements.
  • Legal advice for Company management bodies, secretary services for the board of directors and functions of a counsel.
  • Attending meetings of the Board of Directors and General Meetings of Shareholders.
  • Representing non-residents in Spain.



  • Legal assistance in all types of criminal proceedings before Courts and Tribunals.
  • Criminal Liability in Healthcare Matters.
  • Traffic offenses.
  • Injuries and damage.
  • Economic offenses: misappropriation, fraud, deception, corporate crime, money laundering, criminal insolvency and forgery.
  • Offences against property.
  • Offenses against Workers’ Rights.
  • Offenses against Public Administrative bodies.




  • Construction Law.
  • Sanctioning Administrative Law.
  • Claims for Public Administration’s Pecuniary Liabilities.
  • Appeals against administrative decisions and judicial reviews.




  • Civil Liability in Healthcare Matters.
  • Criminal Liability in Healthcare Matters.
  • Public Administration’s pecuniary liabilities in Healthcare Sector.
  • Liability for Products and Medicines.
  • Liability for Clinical Trials.
  • Mediation in Health Law.
  • Legal Advice to healthcare entities. Formative Area in Health Law (presentations, conferences and teaching in master programmes).




  • Tax proceedings and assistance before Tax Agencies of Inspection and Management, as well as before Courts and Tribunals.
  • Fiscal advice for companies.
  • Fiscal advice for individuals.
  • Non-residents taxation.
  • Taxation and management of expatriates and immigrants.
  • Audit to company’s purchase operations.
  • Advice and management of large estates and family companies.
  • Taxation of Restructuring and Reorganisation Operations.




  • License, transfer, distribution and purchase agreements for software and hardware.
  • Development, implementation, migration and system installation agreements.
  • Fiscal advice regarding software sales and online stores.
  • Intellectual property and software protection advice.
  • Liability for defective products and return policies.
  • Legal defence against IT piracy.
  • E-commerce.
  • Personal data protection.
  • Advice to information societies.
  • Pages and websites compliance.
  • Electronic contracting.
  • Advice on consumers’ and Internet users’ rights.




  • Fiscal and labour planning for international workforce from both the company’s and the employee’s point of view. (Transfer prices, erosion of tax bases, control of re-billing and design of location of expenditure per origin/destination functions).
  • Management of expatriates and immigrants for labour and Social Security purposes in origin or destination.
  • Contractual structuring of the Mobility of workers by Cross-Border Employment Arrangements and related structures. (Secondment, Transfer, GEC or Dual Employment).
  • Expatriates Management Protocol.
  • Frequent travellers and false expatriates.
  • Communication Plans and internal procedures to manage workers in mobility.
  • Preparation of International Mobility Policies.
  • Documentation management of the displaced contingent (expatriates/immigrants/localized/frequent travellers).
  • Design of processes to manage the application of the Exemption for Earned Income for working abroad and similar measures of tax incentives for international mobility, both in origin and destination.
  • Occupational risk prevention in the context of business internationalization.
  • Design of compensation package and Management of Total Compensation during the displacement.
  • Audit and analysis of corporate practice in origin and destination.
  • HR Consultancy in multi-country situations.



  • Legal assistance in all types of labour proceedings before Courts and Tribunals.
  • Legal assistance in Social Security matters.
  • Dealing with specific requirements from the Work Inspectorate or the Social Security.
  • Collective Labour Agreements and proceedings of collective negotiation.
  • Audit to company’s purchase operations.
  • Remuneration plans and policies.
  • Preparation of contracts, salaries and social security arrangements.
  • Senior Management Agreements.
  • Assistance to expatriates and immigrants.
  • Calculation and monitoring of labour-related compensation.
  • Collective dismissals and mass redundancies.




  • Keeping and/or revising the financial, management and budgetary accountancy of companies and professionals.
  • Preparation of annual accounts.
  • Compliance with legal obligations respecting Company accountancy.
  • Monthly and/or bimonthly reporting, as decided by the client.
  • Planning the year-end closing.
  • Audit to company’s purchase operations.
  • Presentation of tax declarations.



  • Legal consultancy and management of application for residence visa for foreign investors (Spanish Law 14/2013, 27th September, on Entrepreneurs Support and their Internationalization).
  • Legal consultancy and management of application for residence authorization for investors.